Saturday, August 15, 2015

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There is so much NEW to share, including a new studio space at 117 N. Main Street!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happily Furever After Tales ~ Farrell

orange cat on grass

In early June of 2010 Denny noticed a cat hanging around the backyard. This yellow long haired cat was skinny, matted and very vocal but kept his distance if you came near him. Steve said it was probably the same cat he had seen sleeping up against the basement window one morning. One day while gardening, Denny noticed the cat coming nearer and nearer until finally Denny bent down and held out his fist, and the yellow cat came and bumped his head against it.
Denny mentioned to our neighbor that a cat had been hanging around the yard but that he was determined not to pet or feed it. The neighbor’s reply was “How could you not?” The next day Denny came home with a bowl and cat food. He gobbled it right up, and it was beginning to look like we owned a cat. We decided to call him Farrell (which we thought a better spelling than feral so he wouldn't feel self-conscious about his name).
He was to be strictly an outdoor cat. Then we decided it would be better to feed him inside to keep other cats and ants our of his food dish. Cold weather came along and one can’t keep a cat out in the cold, so he came in on very cold days and evenings. It turns out now that he is inside or outside depending on his preference.
Farrell is not a cuddly cat but will occasionally sit on your lap. He still is very vocal and likes to bump his head against us. He feels comfortable with us but is not terribly accepting of strangers. We always said that if we were to choose a pet, it would probably be a dog. And if we happened to choose a cat, it would be a short haired one. But we guess when your pet chooses you; the choice is up to them.
Steve Mills & Denny Vick
Orange cat

Friday, September 5, 2014


We had a fun session with Annie a few weeks ago. Sending her well wishes for a speedy recovery from her surgery yesterday.

Pet Photography

© Gale Wall Photography
 Hutchinson KS Photographer

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Boba ~ Sneak Peek

Boba wasn't sure about having his photograph taken but we managed to capture some sweet images for his prints.

Pet Photography, Dog

© Gale Wall Photography
 Hutchinson KS Photographer

Sunday, August 31, 2014

So Long Summer

We'll be saying goodbye to Summer in a few weeks. Let's end it with a mini session: Children, Family or Pet. 

Digital collection $75
5 Images
Online Gallery
Facebook Timeline Cover or Digital Collage
Print & Use Release

Print Collection $110 
8 Wallet   OR

8 Wallet
1 Digital Image

Valid through the month of September only. You must mention this post.

Mini Session, Promotion

Also, don't forget about my birthday mini session, available in digital or print collections. Fall and Christmas session information coming soon.

Gale Wall Photography 

© Gale Wall Photography
 Hutchinson KS Photographer